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SACIA Group offers environmentally friendly bottle

13 of january of 2021

Encouraging the reduction in the use of plastic cups is one of SACIA's Group objectives. On December 23, 2020, SACIA Group offered reusable glass bottles to its employees and collaborators in order to avoid / eliminate the use of plastic cups. This way, using only bottles to ...



Group SACIA has available a wide range of presses, which allows us to stamp sheet metal of various thicknesses and types, through conventional or progressive dies.

Our resources

Our presses vary between 100T to 800T.
Accept adaptors to feed, wind/unwind and straighten the sheet metal.
Our dies are of varying sizes and weights.

Our raw materials

We work a wide range of thicknesses for sheet metal (0.5mm to 7.0mm) of a wide range of types (polished, aluminum coating, inox, copper, tin, electro-zinc, etc.)


In the section dedicated to soldering, we work with the following technologies:


  • Fusion soldering of nuts, bolts / screws, sheet to sheet – 100 to 480 KVA machines available
  • Soldering by points (sheet to sheet) – 50KVA machines available


MIG /MAG (pulsed arc with automatic compensation):

  • Automated soldering for specific purposes
  • Robotized soldering
  • Manual soldering

A new layout, combined with the increase in the area dedicated to assembly, allows us to take on new assembly projects, combining components produced in house with with those supplied by external sources.

  • We have lines for progressive assembly.
  • The flexibility to accept any type of assembly project with most our our posts having rivet guns.
  • Visual inspection of all our output.

Production Process

Product Management

By supporting the basic concepts of “Six Sigma” a production management process was created that aims at the constant search for improvements of times, efficiency in the use of its lines and the constant reduction of waste.

Factory Floor

We use computer systems to manage the “factory floor” that guarantees us an online view of each machine.

presence in the global market

The Sacia Group has a strategy of global expansion of the different companies of the group.
We are in more than 130 countries on five continents. This represents a rich variety of geographic specificities, cultures, communities and lifestyles.

LMAM Laboratory

LMAM (Laboratory of Metrology and Analysis of Materials) equipped itself so as to be able to provide services to the other members of the group in the areas of calibration, measurement, and material analysis of the equipment and products of the group.


LMAM is equipped with an excellent quality equipment, equipment such as standard block boxes with capacity up to 500 mm; Calibration bank, autocoloador electronic among others.

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Services Provided

LMAM provides testing services at the level of calibrations and measurements.

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If you need any additional information or a budget, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Sacia Group

The SACIA Group, acting as subcontractor for light metallurgy, permanently aims to broaden its range of customers and its areas of activity, always seeking to respond to their demands and expectations, guaranteeing them high levels of quality.

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